Coordinating all MEP trades on paper saves time, money, and headaches.

Plan, then build!


During the construction process, fire sprinkler systems must be installed within a narrow window of opportunity.  Pre-construction planning can be extremely advantageous and can save an owner time and money.

Code-4 Fire offers low cost pre-construction consulting to Owners, Architects and MEP Engineers.

By pre-engineering composite drawings and developing bid specifications, we help ensure that all contractors are bidding on the same scope of work.  This produces tighter proposal amounts between contractors and eliminates most future change order requests.

Code-4 Fire provides confidence through experience!

Pre-Construction & Consulting

 Southern California’s Premiere Fire Protection Company

Code-4 Fire, Inc.

Code-4 Fire, Inc.


Engineered fire sprinkler plans must often go through a lengthy review and permitting process.  Code-4 Fire’s composite drawings pave the way to expedite the engineering, submittal and the permitting process.

We pride ourselves on cultivating solid relationships with plan reviewers and inspectors to ensure smooth sailing throughout the construction process.

No more delays!