After a fire is not the time to find out your sprinkler system isn’t working.

Don’t risk it - it’s the law.


Due to the possibility of the loss of life during a fire, building owner’s risk severe consequences if proper maintenance, testing and certification is not performed on a regular basis.

Our maintenance division is standing by to help ensure that your fire protection system will operate correctly in the event of a fire, and provide the required documentation that your system complies with state and local regulations.

Documentation is key when protecting yourself from potential liability.

Maintenance & Testing

 Southern California’s Premiere Fire Protection Company

Code-4 Fire, Inc.

Code-4 Fire, Inc.


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Our professional service crews will provide quarterly, annual and 5-year inspections, testing, maintenance, and certification on an as-needed basis. Or-

For building owner’s and/or property management companies who prefer to minimize their direct involvement in this process, we also offer full-service maintenance contracts.

Proper documentation is completed and sent to all required entities, as well as retained on-site.

Code-4 Fire makes it easy!